Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The B.A.N.K. (Bank Annually for Needed Keep. Novel Personal Saving System.) Angel Investor(s) Wanted!!

This is the Official Website/Blog Of  The B.A.N.K.
Created by Anthony Barbary     
Patent  # 8,789,745
Serial Number # 14069851
This Patent Has Been Approved In July 2014
    Estimated Retail: $69.99

(The price is comparable to a medium home safe.)
This product will solve one of the biggest problems people have today, saving money.You can lock it with six pre-programmed set times. When the time has expired, it unlocks automatically.  Whatever amount you inserted in the slot on that time period is what you have saved! (You can still make deposits while it is still locked.) This can be useful for children and adults of all ages, gender and races. The potential customers are those who have problems saving money which means we have tens of millions of prospects in the U.S.A. alone. I am working on another process to make it affordable for the average consumer as well. It has a special feature in which I won't discuss for now and it's officially U.S Patent approved!. I currently have an agent who's assisting me in finding a license agreement but I really want to market my product through social media and the internet so I am not interested in selling but I will work with an investor who can assist me in marketing my product and become a partner. I believe I have a multi-million dollar product. For investors who are interested I have a virtual DVD version to show how the product works as well that can be mailed to serious inquiries only.

      If your interested in being an investor contact me direct at:
                                          Anthony Barbary-Inventor
                                          Personal  Home Number: (312) 912-7221
                                          Cell: (815) 793-8055
After 44 years in sales off and on I have learned what people will buy and what they won't. I owned a retail clothing and general merchandise store (The Feel Effect Shop) for 15 years and 2 years door to door sales. So the experience in retail sales is there. Millions need and want this product. It will be beneficial for millions across the country who have an issue with saving money. The only ones who don't see the visions are the "savers" who represent only about 25% of our population. If you see the vision as well, contact me and let's finish taking it to the next level. On a final note, their are an estimated 204,600,000 prospects who need our product int he U.S.A.alone of all ages, race and gender. Many investors have said to take a percentage of your money and put it away in a portable safe and last year, safe and piggy bank sales increases dramatically. This product will revolutionize the ability to save money for all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Invention Power Points      
1.-The story behind the invention. How it was created.
    > It was created as a result of millions having problems with saving money and they needed a solution.
2.- What my product is? 
   >A portable safe that that locks through a simple programmed L.E.D. timer and it is released as soon as the timer has expired. You can deposit money through the slot for deposit only.              
3.- How is it going to benefit others.
   > The main benefit is it teaches one how to save money over time and helps start a new habit that’s beneficial for their well being and it’s a great tool to teach children how to save as well.
4.- What segment of the population can use the product. 
   >70% of the population in the USA and around the world. This is not a niche product. It will sell for years to come and it has a 20 year Utilities U.S. Patent starting in July 2014.
5.-How will it benefit them. 
   >Assist in saving money for long term projects as well as emergencies.
6.-What type of investment are you looking for?
   >I am looking for a partner to invest 12.5% increments up to 50% ownership or a long term investor at 50% return in 2-3 years. (Whichever comes first.) Each increment would be $30,000 that will be given in company ownership of 10%  of  Barbary International Marketing Concepts (BIMC), which will market the B.A.N.K. worldwide. This is subject to negotiations.
7.Problem vs. Solution. Does this solve a problem that’s has troubled millions for many years?
   >Yes, this solves a problem that has plagued millions over decades. A great product comes as a result of solving a problem that had no solution. People who can save area a minority and they don’t see the value in this product, so they have to think out of the box because millions who have this shortcoming see the value in the safe for themselves. Bonus: I will show you how to save over $1,400 in the fist year just by starting with $1 the first week.

                                                                               Thank you,

                                                                    Anthony Barbary
                                                               President and Inventor